I sometimes open Andrew Holm’s posts with trepidation—I think because they have the ability to challenge the way we see the world, the church, the scriptures, and ourselves. His offerings are fresh, not rehashed or warmed over, as he invites us to take another look at things, to see a little clearer and perhaps further. With his forthright and easy style, he’s like a friend who nudges our comfort zone, ever so gently

Fay Rowe

Christian Author

Andrew is a great writer and a passionate leader. I’ve read his interesting thoughts and teachings and have personally benefited from the discussions I’ve seen afterward between people on different sides of many different issues.

Kathy Stock


Andrew cuts through a world filled with high decibels and white noise with clarity and conviction on topics that are important and relevant to our community and culture. His biblical insights and leadership gems are a worthy read. It is amazing to see the dream of “The Journey Holm” become reality!

Dean Brenton

President , Promise Keepers Canada

I am pleased to endorse Andrew’s blog to you, the reader! Andrew writes well, thinks deeply, and is unafraid to tackle the latest issues in Christian life and discipleship. Anything he writes is well worth reading!

Dr. Brad Noel

Director of Pentecostal Studies, Tyndale University

I always enjoy reading Andrew’s blog. His topics are very timely and thought-provoking. I also find his words to be very uplifting and encouraging.

Hector Earl

Retired Teacher/Principle

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