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My husband has been after me for a while to write some posts on his blog. He said he wanted me to write about things from my life as a mother, stay-home-mom, wife, introvert, whatever. He said “you make people laugh all the time on Facebook – write things like that!”

I told him I think I’d enjoy writing something but I had so many things around the house that I need to get done first. (There was post-Christmas cleaning/storing that needed to happen and some organizing of the entire house since we only moved in about 3 months before Christmas).

So, I said “when I get the house a little more put together, and when I get some time alone to think I’ll see what I can come up with.” Then I laughed and laughed at the thought of a put together house and time alone to think and so, now, I’m writing this while I’m hiding from my family in our ensuite.

So, this is who I am! My name is Deidre. I am a wife. I have been married to Andrew for the last 9 and a half years and we’ve been together for 14 and a half years. I am mommy to our daughter, Rae, and our son, Pierson. We also have a very loving dog named Batman who follows me everywhere around the house.

I am far from the perfect mother or wife.

I have always struggled with self-confidence.

I often don’t have enough patience with my kids.

After our second child was born I dealt with baby blues for about a year and a half.

I am trying to lose weight, not because I had kids and they changed my body – simply because I’ve eaten too much over the past several years.

I always have laundry to do.

I wish I was more organized.

I need to exercise more.

I sometimes let me kids watch too much TV so I can cook supper.

I hide messes when I know someone is coming over.

I have occasionally forgotten to brush my kids’ teeth when I’m hurrying to leave the house.

I can be very sarcastic and I feel sad that my kids don’t understand it yet because most of my sarcasm is used on them!

I have taken a shirt from the top of the hamper, looked it over, smelled it and worn it if it isn’t obvious that it came from the hamper.

I use way too much dry shampoo and, as you already know, I hide in the bathroom so I can get a few minutes alone!

That’s basically me.

If you’re wondering what my contribution to these blog posts will be about, they’ll be about day-to-day things. Some things serious, some things personal and hopefully with lots of humour mixed in!

Andrew is often fairly theological in his posts and he usually brings about some kind of challenge to the readers in the end – but since he and I are literally the opposite of one another in most ways, my posts will be quite different! So, while his posts are thought-provoking and Biblically based, mine will be the equivalent of how you’d feel if you saw me in public – which is trapped in a conversation, and hearing way too many details about things you never asked me about!

In all seriousness, I pray that you can get something encouraging from what I write about! Whether you’re a wife who feels inadequate, a mother who feels guilt, an introvert who wonders if others think you’re rude, or even if you’re a man who is wondering what happened to his wife after she became a mother – I hope I can offer something to uplift you all. And if nothing else, I hope I’m able to at least make you laugh.

– Deidre

We’re excited to share the blog together; stay tuned for a brand-new look to the blog, in the near future, that will inlcude the both of us! I’m sure it will give the content a balance of new ideas and laughter! I can’t wait to read her next post!

– Andrew

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