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The busyness has begun.  The kids are back to school.  The semester is on its way.  We make sure we have all the supplies, books and fees paid, but have we forgotten anything? I was asked to share at a graduation celebration recently, and I thought of four things to share.  As I was reflecting after, I realized that these four things are needed throughout school just as much as they are at graduation.

If we want to have a successful education experience, we need to remember to “pack” these four things for back to school:

1. Listening and Learning

Obviously we need to listen and learn in school.  If you don’t, your grades will clearly show it.

What’s not so obvious is the listening and learning outside the classroom.  Life is a journey of growing and experiencing new things.  We need to pay attention and be humble enough to listen and learn along the way.  Listening and learning are skills that are needed in every career, family and social setting. Listening & learning are skills needed in every career, family & social setting. #backtoschool Click To Tweet

Even at 12 years old, Jesus knew the importance of listening and learning.  He found himself in the temple sitting among the teachers, listening and asking questions (Luke 2:41-52).

2. Obedience

Listening is one thing, obeying is another.  If we want to grow we need to realize that submitting to those who lead us is key.

Yes, I know, sometimes we feel like some things are a waste of time or don’t make sense.  By obeying you can learn two things:

a. What works and what doesn’t work.

When it’s your turn to lead, you can use the experience to be a more effective leader.

b. How to be humble.

Obedience is a sign of a humble attitude, and that humble attitude could very well land you your first job.

Jesus knew that dying for the sin of everybody else (humanity) was going to be painful, but knew His Father was calling Him to do so (Luke 22:42).  It didn’t really make sense, but Jesus humbly obeyed.

3. Risk

It’s easy to remain in the safe zone, but it takes risk to break new ground.  Success in school will mean taking healthy risk.  We can’t be afraid to try something new, lead a certain way, or experience a new adventure. The only time we really fail, is when we avoid risk altogether. #backtoschool #risk #growth Click To Tweet

We may not always succeed in the same way we thought, but risk never leads to failure.  Every time we take a risk, we learn something new and grow.  In fact, the only time we really fail, is when we avoid risk altogether.

The Bible is full of risk-takers.  Abraham took the risk of starting a family in his old age, David took a risk to be young leader, Esther took a risk by approaching the king, and Jesus’ disciples all took the risk of spreading the gospel. Some succeeded, everyone made mistakes, and some even paid with their lives.  But one thing is for sure – they all took risks.

4. Dependence

Culture often views dependence as being weak.  That could be true if we find ourselves heavily depending on those around us.  Eventually, people will let us down and our lack of independence will bring us down with them.

When we depend on God, however, our weaknesses can become our strengths and we can accomplish things we could never accomplish on our own.  When we are weak, God’s strength is showcased through us (2 Corinthians 12:9).

This also means we aren’t perfect and aren’t good at everything.  We need to be content with the talents and gifts God has blessed us with, and depend on God for the rest.

It might be corny, but I don’t care…

The four of these important items spell L.O.R.D. The fact is, we can plan, study, and even compete, and seem like we’re succeeding on our own.  But God is the only one giving us the ability to do all of these things.  We need to recognize and live like we know that. With God in the middle of our #education, we’ll #succeed AND be content. #backtoschool #packing Click To Tweet

With God in the middle of our education, we’ll succeed AND be content.

We just need to remember to pack our listening and learning spirit, obedience, risk, and dependence.

Your turn…

How do/have you planned for success in school?

I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to comment below, on social media, or by email (  SUBSCRIBE HERE!

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