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I’ve heard a number of Christians recently voice their concerns regarding the value of Christ in Christmas.  It really got me thinking to what a Christ-like Christmas should look like.  Some of the common concerns sound like, “We can’t take Christ out of Christmas;” or, “The church is turning Christmas into a secular celebration.”

I think we need to face these concerns; however, we need to see Christmas for what it is – a time to remember that God is with us and for us.

Christ in Christmas

We’ve all seen the “X”.  Many Christians are a little taken back, when I don’t mind seeing “X-mas” used around town.  I never dream, however, that this is a means of removing Christ.   In fact, it reminds me of the Greek word for Christ – Christos.  It begins with the Greek letter “X” (Chi), which looks just like our English letter “X”.  Put the two together, and really, you have an original picture of Christ in Christmas.

Not sure people understand when they use it? Next time you see “X-mas,” instead of condemning them, explain that the Greek word for Christ, starts with X.  It might actually open the door to a great conversation.

Secular Activities Have Some Value

We all give gifts.  It’s true, many people go to the extreme with gift-giving every year.  In fact, statistics point to credit card debt as one of the leading contributors to bankruptcy, and yet, society tells us to spend, spend, and spend.[i]

Just because we give gifts, however, doesn’t mean we are devaluing the true meaning of Christmas.  As Christians, we should be giving people. Whether that means recognizing family members and friends during the holidays, or giving something special to someone who needs hope, peace, joy, or love this Christmas.  It doesn’t have to be much to make a difference, but giving with the right heart and need in mind can be life changing.

This Christmas…

let’s celebrate a Christ-like Christmas – remembering God is with us to bring hope, peace, joy, and love!



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