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I don’t express my gratitude enough to my wife. Instead, I find we just keep going from day to day assuming the other person is doing what they have to do to make the family work. Mother’s Day is always a good reminder to make sure we realize and actually say how grateful we are for their selfless efforts. This is an open letter I wrote, with my wife in mind:

Dear Wife (and Mother of young kids);

You’re an amazing Mom!

Simply put, that could be the end of the letter. But I can’t leave it there. There are a bunch of things I need to let you know! During the day, you’re often home with the kids and I’m often at work. I want you to know that I may see things differently than you do.

When I’m at work and you’re stressed to the max at home, I’m already praying for you — even before you ask. Sometimes I even pray as I’m leaving the house.

When life is crazy, and the kids are screaming, I really wish I could be home with you to help. You’re a superstar for going solo!

When I come home and you feel like you’re not perfectly ‘put together’, I don’t see an ‘unkempt wife’, I see an ‘amazing mother’ who selflessly puts her kids first.

When the house is a mess and the laundry isn’t finished, I never think: ‘why isn’t it done?’ I actually think: ‘I can only imagine what the house would look like if I was home with the kids.’

When I get frustrated after being home for 5 minutes, I’m quickly reminded of how much patience you must have.

When I’m frustrated when you’re upset, I’m not frustrated at you, I’m frustrated that I can’t always help you. I’m sorry it doesn’t always come across that way.

When you plan and cook meals throughout the week, I’m blown away that you can pull off a meal by 5pm! But I never question why you can’t always make it happen — meals would NEVER happen if they were left to me.

Our kids might sometimes give you a difficult time (ok, that’s most of the time), but they see you as their amazing mom. They love you! You’re the coolest person they know.

When a difficult Saturday evening…night…and sometimes even morning keep you from joining our Church on Sunday morning, you’re teaching our kids boundaries (avoiding burn-out), not pushing them away from God.

When you go to the Christian bookstore and pick out a toddler devotional book, that’s when you’re instilling life-long value! It might be a ‘pain’ to keep their attention for a 30 second devotional (or for any amount of time, for that matter), but they remember more than you think.

We don’t get to go on a date very often, but when we do, I enjoy every minute of it! Even if it turns into a trip to Walmart. You’re still my best friend and I fall in love with you more and more every day!

I may help pay the bills, clean up from time to time, change a few diapers, help with bath time, and help get the kids ready for bed; but you do everything else and more, and you do it daily!

I’m sorry if I don’t always let you know, if disagreements derail us from time to time, or if I forget to do my part.  You’re simply an amazing wife and Mom! Yes, you get tired, and yes you don’t get everything done all the time — you’re human; there’s only so much time and I don’t expect it a ‘perfect’ house! We’re a team, and the family is more important than a perfect house!

But here’s the thing, you give our family 110% and put yourself last. And for that, I need to let you know how amazing you are!

Your Husband and Father of your children.

Your turn…

Write a note or letter to your wife/mother to show how much you care.

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