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When we find ourselves leading a group of people as the only full-time paid position, you become all things to all people.  Don’t get me wrong, delegation is a loyal friend.  But there are still many times we find ourselves doing something outside of our natural ‘strengths.’  In fact, sometimes we’re completely out of our comfort zones.  And this isn’t just true for leaders, God is always calling us to something bigger than ourselves. So what do we do when we’re faced with something outside of our natural abilities?

There’s too much at stake to give up; anxiety will get the better of us if we tackle it alone. So what do we do?

The Challenge of VBS…

At Bethel, where I serve, we had to decide if we would tackle our very own VBS. In the past, we’ve helped other churches but it was a long time since our small church took on the entire event ourselves.  I felt strongly that we should jump at the opportunity, but felt very inadequate in terms of what I had to offer to such a ministry.  ‘I’m not a Children’s Pastor,’ was repeating in my head!

No matter if we find ourselves in a leadership capacity, or if God has called us to participate in some way, we will always find ourselves feeling inadequate from time to time.  That doesn’t mean we don’t pursue what God has called us to do.  It simply means we need to rely on God and those around us who God has gifted in different areas than ourselves.

I want to share five things that help me pursue a calling that I’m not naturally gifted towards:

1. Supplicate

#Prayer has this beautiful ability to turn a spark of interest into a God-ordained mission. Click To TweetPrayer is always the starting point and the ending point. Not only do we have to ask God for help, but also for wisdom, direction and clarity of vision.  Pray, pray, pray and get others to pray as well! Prayer has this beautiful ability to turn a spark of interest into a God-ordained mission.

2. Dedicate

We have to realize there is no amount of ‘work’ that will make ministry successful. To some degree, we can work hard to make people show up, put off a good show, and call it a ‘success.’ At the end of the day, however, the only success we should worry about is how God will use our effort for His glory.  So before we go any further, we have to dedicate everything to God!

3. Delegate

When the RIGHT people do the RIGHT tasks, we’ll get the RIGHT results. #delegation Click To TweetDelegation is often very difficult to do, but necessary to avoid unnecessary burnout. Not only can more be accomplished, but when the RIGHT people do the RIGHT tasks, we’ll get the RIGHT results.  God has gifted all of us in a particular area.  We’re not all good at everything.  So it’s imperative that we delegate to share the workload.

4. Cooperate

When we cooperate, we will often find that different methods may even be better methods. Click To TweetIf we delegate, that means we have to cooperate with those around us.  In other words, when someone does something differently (that is — not exactly how we would have done it, if it was up to us), we cooperate with those we have empowered to do the task.  When we cooperate, we will often find that different methods may even be better methods.

5. Celebrate

When we work as a team, we celebrate as a team, and improve as a team.  Insecure leadership tries to assume the praise of success, but a team leader points to those around them.  Celebrate the win with the team, and learn how to become better together.

Final thoughts…

You might think that because I’m writing this, I have these five things down pat.  If you were a volunteer around me, however, you’d know the difference. I know what to do, and I believe I am becoming better at doing them all the time, but I’m certainly not perfect at doing so.

The goal isn’t perfection, rather moving closer to depending on God and others to fill in our inadequacies.  Even within our strengths, this process allows us to rededicate our strengths to God and continue to grow and improve.

Your turn…

How do you navigate and/or lead through your weaknesses?

Some Resources…

Here are a couple of resources that are a must in working as a team and engaging the best out of those around us!  Check out the links below:

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BOOK: Liz Wiseman wrote a book that has changed the way I think about leadership and just being around people in general.  You need to check out her book: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.

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