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Is God’s grace really enough?  In life’s most painful moments, can grace really make a difference?  Paul shared how God’s grace impacted his pain.  We can experience the same grace, no matter how painful our pain is.  Telsie shared (19:28) this past week at Bethel – of how God’s grace has impacted her as well.

We inherently know that God’s grace is enough.  So why do we sometimes wonder about God’s response to our pain?

Paul’s Story of Pain…

Paul experienced “visions and revelations of the Lord,” but didn’t consider himself holier than others because of these experiences (2 Corinthians 12:1, 6).  In fact, he understood that he experienced pain (a “thorn in his flesh”) to stop him “from becoming conceited” (12:7). His pain was a reminder that he wasn’t greater than others.

We can’t #compare ourselves with Paul’s #pain; we all have a #unique story of pain. #comparisongame Click To TweetWe don’t know what his “thorn in his flesh” was, but it was enough for him to plead with God to remove it (12:8). I think he wasn’t specific on purpose.  We don’t have the chance to play the comparison game.

Just like two patients in the emergency room dealing with the same issue may rate their pain differently on a scale from 1-10, we all experience our “thorn in the flesh” differently.  If we knew what Paul experienced, we would be tempted to compare his pain with our own. I’m glad we can’t compare ourselves with Paul’s pain; we all have a unique story of pain.

God’s response to pain…

For a moment, think of your pain (your “thorn in the flesh”).  I’m sure you’ve done what Paul did and pleaded before God to remove it.  But what happens when God says the pain isn’t going away?  This was God’s response to Paul:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)

In the moments of our pain, no matter what that pain is, God’s response is that his grace is enough. God is indeed able to provide healing.  It may be now or later, or it may be never. Either way, his grace is sufficient in this very moment.

God’s #grace is sufficient and provides #strength in moments of #pain. #StrengthInChrist Click To TweetNot only is God’s grace sufficient, but there’s purpose in the pain.  Healing could actually be received, not in a physical change, but in receiving God’s strength and peace.  Paul received God’s grace and realized that “when [he] was weak, then [he] was strong” (12:30).  God’s grace is sufficient and provides strength in moments of pain.

Telsie’s Story…

For the last number of years, Telsie has struggled with the pain of losing her son to suicide.  With baggage from past life experiences, Telsie had no choice, but start trusting in God’s grace to bring her through.  She allowed her weakness to be her strength in Christ.

Part of Telsie’s story (19:28), along with a sermon on Paul’s struggle can be found here:

Your turn…

How have you processed your pain?  Have you experienced God’s grace and strength during a painful experience?

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