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Well, we’ve jumped in.  My wife and I have started as Interim Pastor’s in Bay Roberts Newfoundland.  If you told me 3 years ago, when we got married, that we were going to pastor an assembly of our own, I would have literally “laughed out loud.”  God has a unique way of using us in ways we would have never dreamed – and we are loving every minute of it!

As a part of our series on the Bible, we have joined with a couple other churches by taking part in a 40-day Leadership Bible Reading Plan.  The plan lines up with the Global Leadership Summit (, and you are more than welcome to join us on facebook ( as we go through the plan together.

Today’s reading was from Exodus 4.  As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think how I could relate with Moses.  God called him for a mission.  In doing so, he asked, “what is that in your hand?” God was about to show him how He could use his simple staff in amazing ways.  What seemed so ordinary to Moses, was the tool for success for God.

In verse ten, Moses explains how he felt inadequate.  God could use his staff, but because of his “slow speech” he felt unworthy of using his staff for God.  God told him, “I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.” God was not only about to use Moses’ ordinary staff, but was promising to use Moses in his weakness.

Even though Moses continued to beg to send someone else, God continued to call him.  To reassure him even more, God told Aaron, his brother, to be his voice.  Sometimes God helps us very practically.  He surrounds us with people who strengthen our weaknesses.  My wife and I are a lot like that.  Her strengths are my weaknesses, and my strengths are her weaknesses.  God has put us together to help our ministry.

We all have tools in front of us. We may have experience, education, trades, or even compassion. The question is, will we let God use what’s in our hand?

We all have weaknesses. We need to recognize them and know that God works through our weaknesses.  Moses understood his, but God told him, “I will be with your [weakness].”  We need to ask: will I recognize my weaknesses and let God work through me?

God surrounds us with help.  We may have people around us that have wisdom, experience, knowledge, expertise, different opinions or even different personalities.  We need to ask: will I recognize and embrace the help of others as God helps me?

I am reminded that God, through his infinite wisdom, uses ordinary things in our lives, empowers our weaknesses so that God can work through us, and puts people around us to help achieve His plan.  Let’s embrace it!

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