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Here’s my Reading Journey – a few blog posts and other links that I’ve recently read or enjoyed.  As you read, know this: sometimes I agree with the content and other times I don’t.  The point of this post isn’t to share my thoughts, but the thoughts of others.  At the end of the day, I hope these posts help us think as we journey together. Feel free to comment and/or share!



Challenge yourself on your understanding of the Spirit — I may not see eye to eye with all perspectives, but usually, our theology of the Spirit is far from something concrete.  The Spirit is more than some “cool feeling.”

Church Leadership

Is is all about the big church?  Thom Rainer points out that many prefer a smaller setting…

Christian Views

We all have different views, and understand our boundaries of freedom and restraint differently.  If you’re on the conservative side, this is a great read to help you open your understanding of the Christian life…

Can I bum a smoke?
Mission, Values, and Vision

Timothy Keller is leading his church into the next 10 years.  I’m sure we can all be challenged by such a vision and passion for the communities around us.

Newest post…@

In case you missed it…this is a recent post from the blog…

What have you read recently?  Post a link in the comment section.  I would love to check it out!

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