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I was in the middle of a conversation with someone recently and the topic of blogging came up.  I explained that I don’t have the time or money to further my education beyond my master’s degree and blogging is a great way for me to satisfy the itch to read, write and respond.  As a pastor, it’s also a great way to communicate with my congregation and those I connect with via social media.

I’m getting the message, however, that some aren’t too sure why I blog.  One good friend told me it might be because people think I want everyone to know who I am, or I think I’m always right, or better yet, have all the answers.  Well, those ideas couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, I’m confident in who I am and not afraid to stand behind my failures and successes.  I know I’m not always right – I’m married. 😀 No, but seriously, I encourage the process of learning every day and look forward to doing so.  I know I’m young and have new and fresh ideas, but that doesn’t mean that those ideas are good or are for today.  It just means they’re new.

What I know for sure is that the Church is desiring revival. If we continue, however, to do the same things we’ve done for the past 20 years (1996-2016), we will continue to get the same results.  We may say it, but it’s time we actually live it.  Because let’s face it, outside of a few successful local churches (and that’s probably transfer growth), the Church in North America hasn’t seen a recent revival.  So that means trying new things.

Will we miss the mark from time to time?  Yes.

Will we hit it out of the park from time to time? Yes.

The point is, if we want people outside of the Church to be transformed by God’s grace, then we need to stop worrying about how we like “church”, and start paying attention to how we can share God’s grace with more people.

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Does that mean throwing everything we’re used to doing away? No.

Does that mean taking on risk and trying new things? Yes.

Does that mean we must embrace the none-negotiables like PRAYER and SCRIPTURE? Yes.

Does that mean we may have to let go of some of the negotiables like TRADITION? Yes.

So… Why I blog:

I blog because I love Jesus.

I blog because I love to read. study and write about scripture.

I blog because I’m passionate about growing the Kingdom.

I blog because I truly believe in The Church – Jesus’ hands and feet in this world.

I blog because I want to see The Church reach her potential.

I blog because we can share in that journey as we make mistakes and experience success.

I blog because we’re in this together…

And together, we can make an impact and help grow God’s Kingdom as we look forward to the day when Jesus call’s His Church home.

That’s why I blog.

And that’s why I’ll continue to blog…

For the Kingdom,

p. AtH

Your turn:

Will you join with me as I learn, try new things and help build God’s Kingdom?

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