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It’s a joke, Canada has “Micky Mouse” politics.  While the country is discussing the serious matter of Bill C-14 and Medical Assistance in Dying and its implications, our government is determining the implications of the elbow of Justin Trudeau.

I’m not going to lie, our Prime Minister doesn’t have the greatest reputation among conservative Christians.  That said, the House of Commons, and reaction as a whole, is a little off course.

If you haven’t seen this yet, here is some of The National’s coverage:

The Christian Forgiveness Model

I’m not about to hold Trudeau to Christian principles, but I will hold Christians to their response to his actions.

When we wrong someone (whether intentional or not), we are called to follow Matthew 18. Here are the basic points:

  • If someone wrongs you, go to the person and explain the issue;
  • If they don’t listen, bring someone with you;
  • If they still don’t listen, tell the Church; and,
  • If they still don’t listen, move on.
  • BUT, if the person asks for forgiveness, forgive them.

Some call this a “conflict-resolution model”, but I call it a “forgiveness model.”  Why? Because, as believers, we need to have a forgiving spirit.  When we go to someone who has wronged us, we need to already be ready to forgive them.  According to Jesus, there are no situations where we are not to forgive someone when they ask.

Mistakes happen…

Clearly, our Prime Minister took off his thinking hat, and quickly acted in the heat of the moment.  Did he use force?  Did he mean to use his elbow?  Did the NDPs try to get in the way?  Does it matter?

Trudeau realized he made a mistake and apologized.  In fact, he apologized several times – not only for his direct actions, but also for his failure “to live up to a higher standard of behaviour.”1

As believers, we need to accept that and move on.

Stop Making A Big Deal Of the Wrong Issues…

There are much bigger issues that we need to be praying and thinking about.  The issue of Medical Assistance in Dying is far more critical than the “swinging of ones elbows.”  This is a turning point in our history, and the right decision will greatly impact our moral obligations.

I have no doubt that this is the work of the enemy.  Up until a few days ago, much of the attention was towards Medical Assistance in Dying, and now we’re talking about “fear in the workplace” and comparing his actions to that of drinking and driving.  Where did that come from?

Stop Complaining And Start Praying…

No matter how you feel about Justin Trudeau, he is still our Prime Minister and our leader.  Pray for him, his Cabinet and their leadership.  Pray they make the best decisions and know that God has everything in control every step of the way (Romans 13:1).

Every time we focus on the wrong issues, we distract ourselves from what we should be praying about.

Let’s move on.


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