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Newfoundland has always been home to me, and for most of my life, it’s where I’ve lived. If you’re not sure where Newfoundland is — it’s the most easterly province of Canada. If you follow the news, the economy has seen better days and the political landscape is often a bleak picture…BUT, the people are great, the food is great, and the sense community is like no other.  Dorthy said it best: ‘There’s no place like home!’

I’ve lived in Toronto, ON for a while. The people are different there. They don’t know each other. You’re just another face taking up space. No one stops to chat about life at the grocery store. No one randomly waves or greets one another when you pass them on the street. My time in Toronto was good, but it wasn’t home. I knew I was called somewhere else? Why is that?

The sense of community in Newfoundland is so beautifully strange that I find myself attracted to it. And there lies why I’m living in this province. It’s more than a feeling; I feel called to Newfoundland. Let me tell you why:

1. The Mission

I’m here for a mission. It might seem strange to some, but I’m here to let others know about Jesus. He has changed my life, and I want others to see that! Yes, I could do that anywhere in the world; but when a calling and mission collide, it’s difficult to separate the two. The same people and community that make Newfoundland so great, are the same people and community that are included in the God’s mission of grace.  I’m in Newfoundland to be a part of that mission.

2. The Values

I’m here to carry on values. Newfoundland might have some of the most community-minded values on the planet! People care for one another — it’s actually quite strange. You can find someone who doesn’t care, but they’re the minority. If someone is in need, it doesn’t take long before someone (a complete stranger sometimes) is stepping up to the task.

But more than that, I want to exemplify the Kingdom values that I hold dear. It’s one thing to help someone, it’s another thing to do it selflessly and with full expectation for God to receive the glory. After all, God is the one who blessed us with the ability to give in the first place.

3. The Vision

I believe Newfoundland has a future. The economy is bleak and the future doesn’t always look bright, but there’s more to life than money. Money buys things, sometimes even happiness, but it never buys joy. Joy comes from experiencing what God has to offer. Even though we experience moments of pain, discomfort, and uncertainty, ‘joy comes in the morning.’ For Newfoundland, I believe brighter days are ahead.

Many are turned off by ‘religion.’ Truth be told, so am I. But focusing on the Kingdom and God’s love, is far from the broken and corrupt religious systems humanity has created. The vision of tomorrow includes authentic relationships with God, generous benevolence, and spiritual fulfillment. Don’t write off the potential of tomorrow, because of the error of the past.

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With that said, some people won’t always accept God’s love and grace, but God will always extend His love and grace to the people.

I’m home because I’m called to show others that love.

I’m home to value the Kingdom as I show that love.

I’m home because tomorrow can be brighter with Jesus.

That’s why Newfoundland is home, and home is where I am.

Your turn…

Where has God called you to live?

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