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At Bethel, we are concluding our “Speak Life” series this coming Sunday.  As I prepare for the last sermon, my mind continues to reflect on my own life.  Our speech is so powerful, and it’s so important for us to reflect and evaluate how we use words (spoken or typed)!  This week, we are looking at how our words help define us.  We have a choice: do we choose to speak life, honoring God and His creation, or do we allow for our words to dishonor God and curse His creation?

The most humbling part of this: it’s one or the other.  We can’t simply say we follow Christ, and then counteract our decision by using speech that dishonors the very one we say we follow. Through grace, God has made us new.  He has called us to live in that freedom, evaluating ourselves as we receive words of life, so that we can pass on that same blessing to others.

What definition does our speech give us? Are we passing on God’s blessing of life? We’ll explore these questions and more this Sunday at Bethel Pentecostal Church.  Join us for Speak Life, Part 4 – “You Are What You Speak”.  If you can’t join us on Sunday, you’ll be able download the podcast via iTunes next week!

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